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The Rural Crime Reporting Line is part of the NFU’s ongoing work to tackle the serious issues surrounding criminal behaviour on farms and in the wider countryside.

By ringing 0800 783 0137 or visiting the website farmers, rural businesses and the public can anonymously give information about crime relating to:

How easy would it be to gain access to your premises, outbuilding, sheds, tack rooms and farmhouses?

Are your locks adequate – could they be forced?

Can horseboxes, trailers or vehicles be removed without you hearing?

Could you describe or identify stolen property if it were recovered?

The advice on this page suggests some ways in which those in rural communities can protect themselves and their property from crime.

It’s not just those who live and work in rural communities who can do their bit. Many of us visit the countryside to appreciate the wildlife, countryside surroundings and historic buildings and we can all help preserve these areas. Take your litter home with you, always keep dogs under control in the countryside and on leads when around livestock, be careful to drive vehicles on authorised roads and do not take vehicles or motorbikes off road unless on a Byway Open to all Traffic (BOaT) which is not subject to a Traffic Regulation Order.

Machinery, tools and plant equipment

  • If possible, secure or immobilise vehicles or pieces of equipment when they’re not in use. Again, if practical, try to move machinery from fields, especially if it’s near a road. Always keep tools etc., locked away out of sight.

To help identify your property:

  • Use engravers to mark vehicles and equipment with your postcode, followed by the first two letters of your farm’s name.
  • Keep a record of serial, chassis and model numbers.

Fuel and oil theft

  • With the price of crude oil rising, oil theft is becoming increasingly common. For advice on how to reduce this in your area, please visit our fuel and oil theft page.


  • Animals can be an easy target for thieves. Regularly check the fields where your animals are grazing.
  • Keep your hedges, fences and gates in good repair. Field gate hinges should have capping hinges so they can’t be removed easily. Cattle grids should be removable and locked out of position when they’re not in use. Use locking posts to obstruct large openings to yards, etc.
  • Consider installing CCTV.
  • If livestock is stolen it’s important for you to be able to give the police an accurate description. Eartags and horn brands help police to identify stock. Freeze branding, hot branding or tattooing your postcode will also help. Always take photographs of especially valuable animals.


  • Farmhouses can be targeted by burglars because they are often large and in isolated areas. Fit British Standard deadlocks to all outside doors and always use them. These can also be reinforced with bolts. The main door should have a security chain and wide-angle door viewer, so you can see who is on the other side. Consider installing a burglar alarm. Fit window locks on all ground floor windows.
  • Keep shotguns and firearms in a securely locked place. Always store ammunition separately.
  • If you have to keep cash or jewellery in the house, put it in a quality safe.
  • Keep a record of all valuable possessions.
  • Whenever possible, use a security marking device to mark them with your postcode followed by the first two letters of your farm’s name. Take photos of valuable items next to a ruler (to indicate scale).
  • Never show opportunist burglars you’re not there by leaving notes for traders, etc. When you’re away ask a neighbour to keep an eye on the property.


  • Store any valuable equipment and tools in a secure building with a well-built, locked door. Use British Standard locks, good quality locking bars and high security padlocks. Windows can be protected with metal bars. Always lock outbuildings when they’re not in use.
  • A worthwhile investment is fitting outside security lights controlled by an automatic time-switch or infra-red beams.
  • Again, consider installing CCTV.


  • Make sure your insurance cover is adequate. Check with your insurance company that you are fully covered for vehicles, equipment and livestock, etc, as well as for the contents of buildings.

For further information and advice you can talk to your local Crime Prevention Officer by calling 101.

If a crime is currently in progress always call 999.

Sussex Countrywatch Newsletters


Sussex Countrywatch Reported Incidents

Thursday 14th March 2019

Countrywatch Coordinator’s Update
Reported loose animals on the highway this week is 5.
This was made up by 3 Sheep and 2 Cows.
Please check your boundary hedges and fences every day, this applies more so of late because the ground is so wet, fences push over much easier.
Equipment and tool security
Equipment and tool security can be a particular issue for rural businesses and farms.
To keep your belongings safe:
  • lock equipment away in a secure building or part of a building when not in use
  • invest in a secure storage toolbox
  • install a burglar alarm on buildings where equipment is kept
  • always lock vehicles when left outside and keep the keys in your possession
  • keep expensive items and vehicles out of sight when not in use
  • consider using hitch locks, wheel clamps or ground anchors
  • mark your tools and equipment and register them for free with Immobilise
  • keep a record of all valuable items
  • consider fitting outside security lights
For further information on securing your belongings and how to mark your equipment, visit our burglary advice pages or the Secured by Design website click here.

Crime and incident update
Reported items stolen in the last week include3 chainsaws, 2 hedge cutters and up to 2000 Litres of red diesel for tractors.
See reports below for detail.

If you have any evidence, no matter how small, on any of the crimes listed below, please call it in on the non-emergency number 101 and quote the reference number and date as given to the left of the report, of for that matter any other crime.

Monday 04th March 2019 to Sunday 10th March 2019
Area Ref Date Details
Adur & 
Nothing reported
Arun 0576 06/03/2019 An old 2M x 2M x 4M oil tank has been stolen from a field entrance in North End Road Yapton. The owner states that due to the weight of it a crane / hoist would have been required to move it.
0432 10/03/2019 WSF&R attended a packing shed fire on a farm in Flansham Lane Bognor Regis.
Brighton & Hove Nothing reported
Chichester 0257 06/03/2019 A tractor shed in Chidham, Chichester has been broken into for the third time recently, nothing was stolen.
1177 06/03/2019 WSF&R attended a barn fire in Britten’s Lane, Eartham, Chichester.
0012 08/03/2019 A steel shipping container on a farm in Tinwood Lane, Halnaker, was forcefully entered, it would seem that the intruders must have realised they had been caught on CCTV so left empty handed.
Crawley Nothing reported
Eastbourne Nothing reported
Gatwick Nothing reported
Hastings A field gate to a farm in Rock Lane Hastings was severely damaged by a truck attempting to smash it down and “Fly Tip” but was unable to get into the field.
Horsham 0843 06/03/2019 A steel shipping container on a farm in Five Oaks Road Horsham has been forcefully entered, 3 chainsaws and 2 hedge cutters were stolen.
Lewes Nothing reported
Mid Sussex Nothing reported
Rother 0247 04/03/2019 A farm on the A21 at Johns Cross, Robertsbridge, was entered and 18 storage containers were forcefully broken into. At this time, we do not have a list of what has been stolen.
0619 06/03/2019 A farm in Sandhurst Lane Bexhill on Sea was entered and up to 2000 Litres of red tractor diesel was stolen.
0355 08/03/2019 An outbuilding on a farm in Ewhurst, Robertsbridge was broken into and three wood burners were stolen.
Wealden 0394 05/03/2019 An unsuccessful attempt to break into a farm hay barn in Bartley Mill Road Wadhurst was made by ramming the doors.
0972 06/03/2019 On three occasions recently intruders have entered the garden of a farm house in Hartfield Road Forest Row and stolen a large quantity of sandstone paving slabs.
1259 07/03/2019 The padlock round a gate has been cut and the gate left open on a farm in Parrock Lane, Upper Hartfield. The informants tell us that this is the 10th time this winter that it has happened.

Help us keep Sussex safe

If you saw or heard anything, or have any information about any incident in this message please contact us online, email us at or call 101, quoting the reference number provided.


Sussex Countrywatch reported incidents

7 MARCH 2019

Reported loose animals on the highway this week is 3.
This is made up by 2 Alpaca’s and 1 Cow.
Please check your boundary hedges and fences every day, this applies more so of late because the ground is so wet, fences push over much easier.

Reported items stolen in the last week include
1 x Generator, 3 x Disc cutters, 1 x Wacker plate, 3 x Petrol cans,
1 x Laser level, 1 x Tripod legs, 20 pairs of Gloves, 1 x Water cooler,
1 x Coat, 1 x Motorcycle, 1 x Chainsaw, 1 x HD Battery charger,
1 x Cut off saw, 1 x Heater, 1 x Welder and gas bottle,
1 x Impact driver, 1 x Battery and 1 x Caravan.
See reports below for detail.

Crime and incident update

If you have any evidence, no matter how small, on any of the crimes listed below, please call it in on the non-emergency number 101 and quote the reference number and date as given to the left of the report, of for that matter any other crime.

Monday 25th February 2019 to Sunday 03rd March 2019  
Area Ref Date Details
Adur & 
Nothing reported
Arun 0413 27/02/2019 2 males were spotted with metal detectors and spades digging holes and searching for metal objects without permission on private land in Slindon area.
0145 01/03/2019 2 males were seen in the Patching area with a Lurcher, the informant believes that they were poaching.
0344 01/03/2019 Premises in New Barn Lane, Bognor Regis, were forcefully entered and 1 x KVA Generator, 2 x 12” Stihl petrol disc cutters, 1 x Wacker plate, 3 x petrol cans, 1 x Laser level tripod legs, 20 packs of gloves, 1 x Water cooler and 1 x Coat.
Brighton & Hove 0549 26/02/2019 Three males with three Lurchers were seen illegally hare coursing on private farm land north of Rottingdean.
Chichester 0449 25/02/2019 Intruders in vehicles entered a farm in Appledram Lane, South Chichester and drove round and round a field of wheat. This has caused extensive damage and the cost repairing it is around £2500.00.
0849 25/02/2019 A barn in Cooks Pond Road, Milland, Liphook was forcefully entered and a 1996 off road motorcycle was stolen. At this time, the make and model is not available.
Crawley Nothing reported
Eastbourne Nothing reported
Gatwick Nothing reported
Hastings Nothing reported
Horsham 0709 25/02/2019 A male walked across a field and into a farm in Upper Beeding, he then picked up a Huskava disc cutter and a spare blade and left the premises. Images of the offence were caught by a nearby camera. Enquiries are ongoing.
1457 27/02/2019 Two quad bikes were seen being ridden across farmland in the Rudgewick area of Horsham without the land owner’s permission.
0320 02/03/2019 A female with two dogs was seen in a field off Coolham Road, Pulborough. The dogs were attacking the sheep and the owner was having difficulty in catching them. The dogs were caught, and the situation is being dealt with by a community resolution.
0676 02/03/2019 Another farmer in the Rudgewick area of Horsham had three Quadbikes and a 4×4 driving around their fields last night.
Lewes Nothing reported
Mid Sussex Nothing reported
Rother 0177 28/02/2019 ESF&R attended a farm fire in Netherfield were woods were alight.
0422 01/03/2019  CCTV captured 2 males breaking into a farmhouse in Peter James Lane Fairlight, the intruders then broke into a barn and stole various tools and equipment, these include 1 x Mitox chainsaw, 1 x 12/24v battery charger, 1 x cut off saw, 1 x Fireball heater, 1 x welder and gas bottle, 1 x Impact driver and 1 x new battery. Value of items £1019-46
0327 03/03/2019 A concerned farmer was forced to shoot two dogs that killed sheep in Fairlight.
The two Alsatians, whose owner was not present, entered a field in Fairlight, near Hastings on Sunday morning (March 3) and killed 12 sheep.
Sergeant Tom Carter said: “The farmer reluctantly had to shoot the two dogs after they caused fatalities of a number of sheep.
“We urge people to keep their dogs on a lead while they are walking in rural areas and around livestock. So often in these incidents the owners are horrified by what their dogs have done, but they have to accept that even the most docile of pets can quickly turn into a killer given the opportunity.
“We invariably see a rise in sheep-worrying incidents as Spring and Summer approaches as more dog owners head for the countryside to exercise their pets.
“A farmer can legally shoot a dog that is chasing livestock and seek compensation from the person responsible for the animal, so please don’t take the risk.”
The owner of the dogs has been identified and spoken to by police. The incident remains under investigation and police would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident or has any information to report online or call 101 quoting 327 of 03/03.
Wealden 1274 27/02/2019 A caravan was stolen from a farm in the Waldron area of Heathfield. The car used to tow the caravan grounded up the road and intruders absconded. The number plates on the car were stolen a few days earlier. The good news is that the owner of the caravan got it back.
0708 02/03/2019 A sheep owner from Gun Hill Hellingly found one of their sheep so badly mauled by a dog that it had to be put down.

Sussex Countrywatch reported incidents

13 JANUARY 2019

Reported loose animals on the highway this week is 39
This is made up by 25 Sheep, and 14 Horses.
Please check your boundary hedges and fences every day.

Reported items stolen in the last week include
1 Wacker plate, 1 Laser level, 1 Breaker, 1 Radio, 12 Propane bottles,
1 Trailer, 21 Caravan batteries, a large quantity of lead flashing,
100 Litres of red diesel, 1 Ford Ranger, 1 Land Rover and 1 Grabber. xxx


Four industrial sized fly-tips have been deposited across Chichester and Arun Districts. The four piles of waste totalling an estimated 80 tons. Each pile is around 3 metres across by 10 metres long and around 2 metres high and have been dumped on private land leaving landowners facing thousands of pounds of clear up costs.
Officers from the Environment Agency and Sussex Police are working together to investigate these incidents and would like anyone with any information to come forward and tell us.
It is believed that a large heavy goods vehicle has been used to deposit the waste which is made up of partly processed commercial and household rubbish.
The four piles have been left on private land between the 19th November and the 11thDecember.
Land owners along Eartham Road, Blackmill Lane, Thicket Lane and Eastergate Lane have all been victims of industrial fly-tipping.
If anyone has any information which may assist with our investigation please or call on 101 quoting reference 885 13/12/2018.

9 December 2018

Sussex Countrywatch foreword:

It has been brought to my attention that last week’s newsletter did not go out as intended. I have to apologise for this and admit that it was a case of user error. I have attached the PDF from last week to this newsletter.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the annual wildlife crime enforcer’s conference. There were many subjects discussed from badger persecution to raptors being poisoned and bat roosts being demolished however there was one word which kept recurring – cyber-crime.

With more things being automated and connected to networks to increase efficiency there is a higher risk of becoming a victim of a cyber-attack. In the wildlife world the cyber threat comes from what is known as cyber enabled crime; an existing crime which is now perpetrated via the Internet. This could be buying and selling endangered species over the Internet without the correct permits and licences or filming hare coursing and livestreaming it via a mobile phone for others many miles away to bet on.

On the other side of the spectrum is cyber-dependant crime; these are crimes which can only be committed through the use of a computer such as hacking to steal data, malware and ransomware etc. There is a potential threat from this side of the coin to rural businesses.

With rural businesses and farms turning to technology to increase efficiency and automate previously resource intensive areas of business there is a risk that if a network is not securely protected a cyber-criminal can distribute ransomware and shut down the networked systems and machines until a sum of money is paid to regain control. Cyber-attacks can interfere with deliveries and collections and put both animal welfare and business and risk.

In small businesses where often the business computer and the personal computer and one and the same there has been cases of businesses losing both company data and personal information such as family photographs.

Luckily in the UK we have dedicated teams of experts working to counteract the threat from cyber-crime. They have produced guides for small businesses to help protect you from attack. The National Cyber Security Centre has also created Cyber Essentials; by working through the checklist and verification procedure the Cyber Essentials mark shows a commitment to cyber security. Some Government departments now will not offer contracts to companies who have not gone through the Cyber Essentials accreditation.

By looking for the Cyber Essentials brand as either a consumer or business looking for a new supplier you know that your data is as safe as it can be.
Please keep anti-virus software up to date and install computer, mobile phone and tablet updates as soon as they become available. Consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your data. Be very careful when using public wi-fi networks and make sure that you use strong passwords for your systems.

If you are a business or organisation please consider joining the CiSP (Cyber Information Sharing Platform). There is a group within this system which has recently been created to raise cyber awareness within rural businesses. This system is only open to businesses and organisations unfortunately, if you are wishing to join as a new organisation please sign-up on the link below. Please place myself as your sponsor and drop me an e-mail to let me know that you wish to join. Once you have an account search for the Rural Cyber Awareness group via the search bar and ask to join and I will do the rest.

For more information please see the below links:
National Cyber Security Centre –
Cyber Security: Small Business Guide:
Cyber Security: Small Charity Guide:
Cyber Essentials:
CiSP –
My details for sponsorship on CiSP.
Sgt Tom Carter

What’s been happening?
As you can see on the attached PDF’s there has been a significant amount of machinery stolen over the past couple of weeks. You will also see that an item was stolen that was fitted with a tracker. This has been successfully recovered and highlights the benefits of security devices.

We have also a seen a number of incidents of vehicles driving around crop fields. This has either been poaching or in another case near Devils Dyke just someone recklessly driving around a field in a 4×4 causing significant damage to the crop. Please keep an eye out for anything like this and report it to the Police. If you can safely get a registration number please do as this helps immensely.

Help us keep Sussex Safe
As the eyes and ears of our rural community, if you have any information about an incident in this message please contact us online or call 101, quoting the reference number provided.

Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on their dedicated rural crime reporting number 0800 783 0137 or online here

Wildlife Officers can be contacted via local email addresses
Please only contact your local Wildlife Officers for any general enquiries or questions, not to report a crime. Report all crimes and incidents to Sussex Police online or call101.
Adur and Worthing:
Brighton and Hove:
Mid Sussex:

26 November 2018

Sussex Countrywatch foreword:

Last week saw the thefts from rural villages of silhouette statues which had been put up in support of Remembrance Day. The scrap value of the aluminium and plastic “Silent Soldiers” is very low however the impact these thefts has had on the communities which have been the victim of these thefts has been high.
Please see the Sussex Police press release here –

Quad bikes, car batteries and vehicle parts have either been stolen or attempts made to steal them. Thieves will go to extraordinary lengths to steal items and although locking property away will deter the opportunists the more determined criminals will find their way around locks and gates.

Property marking, security lighting, cameras, physical barriers and signage when used together with locks and gates offers a more comprehensive solution.

Ditches around fields and properties with earth bunds stops criminals being able drive onto property and fields. Creating single gates access points eases targeted security lighting and cameras and acts as a deterrent.
Effective property marking using either physical marks or forensic marking along with signs makes your property harder for criminals to sell and therefore less attractive.
Defensive planting using thorny bushes such as pyracantha, holly or barberry can be very effective at keeping thieves away from fuel tanks and buildings.
Sussex Police advise that large and small vehicles and tools should be marked with CESAR scheme marking. Find out more here –

Although some of these methods seem medieval it can be a case of “if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it”. Mixing old methods with new technology can help foil even the most determined criminals.

For more information about any of the above please use the reply button at the bottom of the e-mail.

What’s been happening?

As per last week please find the table below and the full update on the attached PDF

Monday 12th November 2018 to Sunday 18th November 2018





Adur &


Nothing reported




HERITAGE A member of the public observed two youths outside St Mary’s church in Vicarage Lane, East Preston, Littlehampton, with a candle stand that they had stolen from the church. He shouted at them and they dropped the stand and ran off. On entering the church, the witness noticed that a large, shelf above a radiator, had been removed along with an offertory box. Do you know who these youths are.

Brighton & Hove

Nothing reported




HERITAGE Two “Tommy Silhouettes”, the property of Westbourne Parish Council, have been stolen from Westbourne. These figures represent those that gave their lives for us, and in recognition of the bravery of those who fell on both WW1 & WW2. One figure was of a sailor and the other a soldier.  Do you have any information on this.


A metallic blue, Land Rover Defender 110 TDI County, with a white roof and a roof rack has been stolen from Aldsworth Emsworth. The VIM is SALLDBMF7HA901818.


Nothing reported


Nothing reported


Nothing reported


Nothing reported




 The gates to a railway crossing in Faygate have been removed and fences smashed by intruders. The intruders then crossed the railway line and vandalised and electric fence and stole the energiser and battery.




At least 4 men with dogs were reported Hare Coursing on a farm in Rodmell Lewes.

Mid Sussex



A farm in Ockley Lane Burgess Hill has been experiencing problems with a white Transit van, with a tipping body entering the farm and the occupants stealing various items, these include 35 bags of cable, the gearbox / axles and drive gear to an Oliver Crawler Tractor, 10 vehicle batteries, 10 switching devices and the rear wheel to a Smart car.



A white van with a ladder on the roof and 3 males in their twenties was seen joy riding round a field off Brighton Road, Bolney. This is not the first time it has happened.




A land owner from Ticehurst Road Etchingham arrived home to see his Cameo coloured Yamaha Grizzly quad bike being driven away towards the A21



Intruders entered farm premises in Freeman’s Lane, Brede, and attempted to steel a 4 x 4 vehicle, they had to abandon the theft as it vehicle got stuck in the mud.



A shipping container on a farm in Stoddard’s Lane Beckley, Rye, was entered and a container was forcefully entered and a green Yamaha Grizzly 700cc quad bike was stolen


Nothing reported


20 November 2018

This week the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne joined the Police, the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust Voluntary Bailiffs on patrols of two fisheries in East Sussex. Katy has prepared the below for this newsletter:

Unlicensed anglers; invasive foreign species and international organised crime were the subject of my rural crime patrol this weekend with Sergeant Tom Carter, with colleagues from the Environment Agency and volunteers from the Angling Trust Volunteer bailiff scheme.

Tom is Sussex Police’s Operational Lead for Rural, Wildlife, Heritage and Environmental Crime and is the national lead for poaching prevention.

Our morning patrol started with a briefing at Battle Police Station with PCSO Daryl Holter; Sgt Tom Carter, Charles Bacchus, Basil Dean from the Environment Agency and David Pennington and Colin Stirling from the SE Region Angling Trust Voluntary Bailiff Scheme.

Collaboration, awareness and education are key to environmental protection and wildlife preservation, but enforcement is also necessary.

Ensuring that anglers are licensed and acting responsibly is at one end of the spectrum, with multi-million pound smuggling of rare and endangered species at the other.

I learnt that an appetite for elvers in Asia- and English ones in particular- was leading to gangs dredging waterways here and in other European countries and passing them off as English.

Criminal and irresponsible behaviour is threatening to bring invasive, non-native species into the UK and wipe out endangered indigenous species.

Whilst deer poaching has risen, the availability of farmed venison has lowered prices, meaning that callous poachers are taking only the most valuable part of the carcass, often after maiming deer at night.

Having just this week observed some large fresh water mussels in ponds near me, I heard that some can grow as big as dinner plates, and that we should report any sightings of zebra mussels which can overtake our native species and block up waterways.

When we spoke to anglers at Wylands in Battle and Brickfarm Lakes in Herstmonceux, it was clear that they supported the education and enforcement approach to ensure responsible and sustainable use of our water systems.

Local businesses and residents also shared their concerns about other aspects of rural crime, including fly tipping and speeding and anti-social behaviour and low level crime.

I assured them that we will be meeting with communities around Battle to discuss their concerns in forthcoming focus groups, but I was also able to give them the great news that I have secured £890k from the Home Office Early Intervention Youth Fund to support targeted work with children and young people who may be being drawn into crime for the first time or on to more serious crime.

Katy Bourne
Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner


Monday 05th November 2018 to Sunday 11th November 2018
Area Ref Date Details
Adur &


0514 08/11/2018 A lorry driver witnessed a dog attacking sheep in a field off Steyning Road Shoreham by Sea. The dog is described as being like a Collie cross. The witness says he has chased the dog off twice. When Police arrived, the dog had been removed by its owner and gone. Two sheep were found trapped in electric fencing and released by police, fortunately it was switched off. No sheep were injured.
Arun Nothing reported
Brighton & Hove Nothing reported
Chichester 1400 06/11/2018 A member of the public called in after witnessing people in a field off Hoe Lane Chichester, the witness believed that they were Hare coursing.
Crawley Nothing reported
Eastbourne Nothing reported
Gatwick Nothing reported
Hastings Nothing reported
Horsham 0207 06/10/2018 A farm in Crawley Road Faygate, Horsham was broken into and a shipping container was forcefully entered, various items were stolen, these include 1 x paintball gun, 2 x wheelbarrows. A garage was also broken into and power tools, chainsaws and strimmers were taken.
0263 08/11/2018 A member of the public was walking his dog in woods in the Billingshurst when he came across a lone calf lying down. As he had the dog with him, he did not go too close. The calf is described as reddish brown in colour. Have you lost one.
0803 11/11/2018 A farm in Trout Lane, Brooks Green, Horsham was entered, and a shipping container was forcefully entered. Many items were stolen, these include 7 x chainsaws, 1 x hedge cutter and 1 x leaf blower.
Lewes Nothing reported
Mid Sussex 0656 05/11/2018 A single axled ATV trailer and a red Honda quadbike, chassis number 278TE22U744502859 and engine number TE22E8863333 has been stolen from an outbuilding in Imberhorne Lane East Grinstead.
0944 05/11/2018 Premises in Cansiron Lane East Grinstead were entered, and a quantity of armoured copper cable was stolen.
Rother 0768 05/11/2018 An outbuilding to premises in Mountfield, Robertsbridge, was entered and an orange coloured wood chipper, worth £6,000.00 was stolen.
0673 09/11/2018 HERITAGE. St Barnabas Church in Sea Road, Bexhill on Sea has had 2 stained glass windows broken. The cost of repairs is likely to be very high. Did you see or hear anything.
0378 11/11/2018 A green Land Rover 110 has been stolen from the driveway of a property in Hooe Battle.
Wealden 0839 09/11/2018 An opportunist burglary took place in Colman’s Hatch, Hartfield, whilst the gardener was going about his business two white males, said to be in their 20’s were seen running away from the garage of the property. It was soon realised that they had taken 2 Stihl chain saws, one was a model MS200 and the other a 441. Always shut and lock garages or sheds when you are not in them.


Taken from Sussex Police Twitter:   15 November 2018  

C Dudley and PCSO Whitaker were out this afternoon helping to herd sheep  after we received a number of reports of lose sheep in Ersham Road.

It seems PCSO Whitaker has a special hidden talent! 🐑  



Sussex Countrywatch Newsletter

Alert message sent 29/10/2018 15:00:00

Information sent on behalf of Sussex Police


Monday 29th October 2018
Sussex Countrywatch foreword:

This week our foreword is provided byJames Osman, NFU County Adviser for Sussex:

As farmers look after around 75% of the countryside, they are one of the most frequently affected when it comes to criminal activity in rural areas.  For those of you who don’t know, the NFU is the largest trade association representing farmers across England and Wales, and we also have strong links with the NFU Mutual, who are rural insurers. Therefore we have been involved in the fight against rural crime and can offer a lot of experience and expertise to our farmer members, but also the Countrywatch partnership, which we are delighted to be involved in. Farmers operate their businesses over large expanses of land, so they can’t be everywhere at once, and we rely on people in the countryside to be our ‘eyes and ears’. That’s why Countrywatch is so important as a tool to tackle rural crime. We experience most things on farm land, from petty theft and nuisance crimes, to large scale organised crime, so we all have a role in doing our bit and helping Sussex Police. The top three issues which we experience on farms tend to be:

Hare Coursing

Livestock worrying

Theft of plant and machinery

There is a lot more we can all do to tackle these and other issues in the countryside, so I do hope the Countywatch scheme proves to be successful and we will certainly be doing our bit.

For more information about the NFU and their work follow this link –

Click here for NFU Mutual –

To find out more about James please follow him on Twitter @NFUSussex_IoW –

What’s been happening?

I have had requests to reinstate the crime table that previously was circulated on the Farmwatch e-mails. I have added the crime table as an attachment to this newsletter so if you would like the comprehensive breakdown of what has happened by area please have a look. Let me know whether this is useful.

Please contact me if you have any thoughts on the content of this newsletter as I really want this to be useful.

We have seen a mix of incidents over the past week however the consistent has been theft of tools and equipment. Please keep a record of any serial numbers of your tools and register your property on or similar property registers. This enables the Police to re-unite your tools in the event they are located. Some second hand shops check tools against the stolen property register and will notify the Police if someone tries to trade stolen property.

Please contact me via the reply button at the bottom to find out more about secure property marking.

Battle Abbey suffered a theft from their Battle of Hastings event with 1000 model soldiers being stolen from the 1066 Wargames Club display. These are reasonably unique items and are all plastic and glued to display boards in groups of four. The soldiers are painted as Saxon and Norman warriors.

Evidence of Hare Coursing has been seen over two consecutive nights in Arundel. Keep your eyes peeled and report sightings or suspicious activity. Hare coursers regularly drive over fields and crops causing damage to the fields.

Help us keep Sussex Safe

As the eyes and ears of our rural community, if you have any information about an incident in this message please contact us online or call 101, quoting the reference number provided.

Alternatively you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on their dedicated rural crime reporting number 0800 783 0137 or online here

Wildlife Officers can be contacted via local email addresses

Please only contact your local Wildlife Officers for any general enquiries or questions, not to report a crime. Report all crimes and incidents to Sussex Police online or call 101.


 Reported loose animals on the highway this week.

19 made up by Sheep 14 and 5 Horses.

Thefts this week include 1 x motor mower, 2 x chainsaws, 1 x leaf blower, 1 x hedge cutter, 1 x strimmer, 1 x bicycle, 2 x Land Rover Defenders, 1 x putty knife, 4 x quadbikes, several items of silver and 1000 miniature soldiers. See below for details.


Monday 15th October 2018 to Sunday 21st October 2018
Area Ref Date Details
Adur &


Nothing reported
Arun 0157 19/10/2018 Evidence of Hare coursing were found on farm land in Chichester Road Arundel. Person/s unknown drove round and though crops, destroying them. and leaving tyre marks. Several dead hares were also found. This offence occurred on two consecutive nights.
Brighton & Hove 1072 16/10/201 ESF&R attended and extinguished a fire close to a barn in Hollingbury and Burstead Woods.
Chichester 0922 15/10/2018 A farmer was driving his tractor close to Hares Lane and Main Road Racton, when a ball bearing was shot through the side window. In the process the driver received a cut to his hand. Did you see this, or do you have any information.
0239 16/10/2018 Overnight a white Land Rover Defender, on an M plate, was stolen from a farm in Leggatt Hill Petworth. An outbuilding was also forcefully entered, and a set of bolt cutters were also stolen.
Crawley Nothing reported
Eastbourne Nothing reported
Gatwick Nothing reported
Hastings Nothing reported
Horsham 0522 17/10/2018 WSF&R attended a fire in a grain dryer on a farm in Stane Street Pulborough.
Lewes 0975 18/10/2018 An off-duty police officer disturbed 4 white males in their twenties attempting to break into his friend’s farm In Barcombe Mills Road Lewes. They sped off in a 53 plate, beige, Citron, Xsara Picasso. Enquiries are ongoing.
1188 18/10/2018 The same vehicle entered a farm in Neaves Lane Ringmer some 2 ½ hours later, realising that they had been seen they turned around and drove out but looking around at what was there.
0619 20/10/2018 ESF&R attended to a fire to an electric pole on a farm in Cinder Hill Lewes.
Mid Sussex 0111 18/10/2018 HERITAGE Wooden huts on site of Worth Abbey were forcefully entered and damage was caused to fixtures and fittings, a fire was lit on the living room floor. The intruder/s then defecated in the corner of the living room and on the exterior patio.
Rother 0011 16/10/2018 A resident from Hog Hill Winchelsea heard banging sounds and went to the upstairs of his property, he then observed a powerful light beam shining from a car into a tree outside his house, he then heard two sharp cracks about 5 seconds apart, he then observed a pheasant fly from the tree.
0596 16/10/2018 HERITAGE As part of the Battle of Hastings event the 1066 Wargames Club had a display at Battle Abbey over two days. Overnight on Saturday 13th October the armies were packed away. On the morning of 14th October it was discovered the 1000 model soldiers had been stolen. If you are offered any of have any information that could help in getting them back please contact Sussex Police on the non-emergency number, 101.
0317 18/10/2018 A member of the public called in to say they could see a dog chasing sheep on a farm in New Road Sedlescombe and that one was dead. Police arrived and caught the dog. The owner has been identified.
0343 21/10/2018 Overnight a farmhouse in Staplecross, Robertsbridge was broken into, all the draws were turned out and silver items were stolen.
0992 21/10/2018 A barn in Westbrook Lane, Westfield, has been forcefully entered and several items were stolen from it including, 2 x Yamaha quadbikes, 1 X Stihl chainsaw, 1 x Putty Knife.
Wealden 0184 16/10/2018 An outbuilding in Colemans Hatch Hartfield was broken into and several items were stolen from it including 1 x blue and white Yamaha quadbike, 1 x white and red Yamaha quadbike, 1 x Hayter motor mower, 1 x Stihl chainsaw, 1 x Stihl leaf blower, 1 x Stihl hedge cutter, 1 x Stihl strimmer and Carrera Subway Bicycle.
1800078309 23/10/2018  CCTV at Wadhurst railway station captured intruders stealing a green 4 doored Land Rover Defender 110 with a canvas covered rear. Its registration number is similar to !L07 AV! If you see this vehicle, please call Sussex Police on 101 and quote the British Transport Police Reference 1800078309