Benefits of a Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is:

  • knowing what to do when crime or other emergencies occur
  • finding ways to make your community safer
  • promoting awareness of others who may need help or advice

Neighbourhood Watch is not about being a hero, being nosy, becoming a vigilante or working for the police or the council.

Reducing crime

Watches are in regular contact with the local police so minor problems can be dealt with before they develop. Being part of an active community helps deter criminals.

Watches can give you crime prevention and home safety advice.

If you are covered by a Watch, you are less likely to be a victim of burglary, which is why insurance companies sometimes offer discounts on home contents insurance if you are covered by a Watch.

Support for Watch members 

Street signs 

We install street signs where roads are covered by Watches. This shows the community is working together to prevent crime. Contact your association for more information on how we can help.

Crime in Polegate

Although available on Sussex Police website, we provide printouts for you to collect, these will be available at The Hub, our office in Polegate.

Crime prevention tips 

We produce a quarterly newsletter for Watch members containing seasonal crime prevention tips and community safety advice, available from various pick up points,  including Polegate Town Council and The Hub at Polegate Community Centre.

TO JOIN is free
you don’t have to belong to a scheme, we have registration cards available for you to complete
or you can go on line and join

If you wish to become a coordinator, this will require you to have a “scheme” and it’s up to you how many members you have, from 2 houses to a whole road!  Once your application has been approved, we will deliver our Guide with various leaflets and our newsletters.  Every quarter you will recieve newsletters to deliver to your members

Just click, download and send : MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM

Incident cards, freely supplied.  For non urgent crimes, please report.



Our Alert System

Our system is very secure and the same software is also used by many police forces.

Your data is held securely and in accordance with Data Protection legislation.

Neighbourhood Alert provides an advanced community messaging system solution for police forces, local authorities and Neighbourhood Watch and has been designed and constructed by VISAV Limited (VISAV).

Once you’ve joined InTheKnow.Community you will get updates from your local police and Neighbourhood Watch. In the future, we hope you’ll be able to receive updates from other community organisations as well. Updates are sent by email or (occasionally) text message and are tailored for you based on where you live and what you are interested in.InTheKnow.Community is provided by Surrey Police and Sussex Police. It is part of the National Neighbourhood Alert network.

Who can send me updates?

These organisations currently send messages through InTheKnow.Community:

In Surrey:

  • Surrey Police
  • Surrey Neighbourhood Watch Association (Coming soon)

In Sussex:

If there are other local agencies you would like to receive messages from, please contact us to suggest them.

When do I get updates?

We will send you updates whenever there is information that is relevant to you. This could be because it has happened near to you, or because we think it will be useful to you (because of your interests or business).

You are in control. If you feel you are receiving too many messages, you can change your settings so that you receive a digest, or if you need to turn off the notifications for a while (perhaps if you go on holiday) you can do that to