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Warm welcome to Polegate Neighbourhood Watch Association


In late summer, early autumn 2018, Polegate Neighbourhood Watch returned to Polegate after quite a few years absent.  Within a very short time two co-ordinators originally attached to Eastbourne had organised a committee of 5 (Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Police Liaison, Media Editor) and had received encouragement from Sussex Police and Polegate Town Council.
Residents of all ages were contacted and it became apparent as to what was needed.   A modern up to date website showing alerts (as people travel long distances regularly – it should show a much wider area of East Sussex);  updated information on scams, including terroism, cyber, fraud, quarterly newsletter to download.
“By reducing the amount of paper you use everyday, you can reduce your carbon footprint on forests, cut energy usage, limit water, air and other pollution and produce less waste.”
We therefore print a few paper copies of newsletters and we have three pick up points, Polegate Community Centre at the top of the High Stree, Polegate Town Council and You Raise Me Up cafe, both in the High Street.  We appreciate of course that there are many people without Internet or have Internet but no printer, we will therefore always print out what is required and deliver to you.  Just contact us and leave a quick message as to what you want, your name and address.
With the above established we applied for funding to provide an office (the Hub) for residents to actually call in and talk to us about any concerns, or just a chat.  We act as liaison with Police and residents and can arrange meetings or take things forward on behalf of residents, we can then feedback.
Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation helped us with funding to get started and an application applied to the Police Property Act Fund, for further funding to pay for rental of an office in Polegate.  Within a few days we had confirmation that the application was accepted.

From left to right: Megan Hall, Police Prevention Support and Engagement Officer, presents the cheque to Alex Forbes, Chair PNWA and Dan Dunbar Police Liaison PNWA.

We contacted Polegate Community Centre (54 Windsor Way, Polegate BN26 6QF0) and were really pleased that they were able to offer us the use of one of the committee rooms the first Saturday of the month between 10 – 12pm for the Hub – on Saturday 6 April we opened to the public and it was a success!

The room was soon laid out with information on the wall and table and after the final notes were written, we opened!   

Within a very short time, residents called in to say hello and memberships were made.  Coffee and cake were moved in too from the coffee morning lounge and talks took place with residents to see if they had any concerns but mainly to have a general chat and to offer any advice tht they need with our informative leaflets and notes taken of the website and our contact details.   Time went so quickly and we started to clear away with Alex completing just the last of the notes of the day.

The police are calling to see us on 4 May and we will be receiving an update, any information received will be passed to residents through our website and summer newsletter.  If you need to talk to a PCSO or wish one to attend your group, or meet some residents in your community, let us know and we will help arrange this.  At the Public Information Day at St John’s Church Polegate, PNWA had a stand and met PCSO Sue Choppin who was happy to be contacted if any residents/groups would like her to come round for a chat.  Please let us know and we will contact her for you.

We are part of Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation and as required, show below the Public Liability Insurance Information and Constitution.  We are involved and attend meetings at Sussex Police Head Quarters, Lewes and pass on any relevant information to our residents.

All committee members have been busy, Dan was able to attend the Police Mobile Unit  in Polegate and residents said it was good and comforting to have police presence in Polegate, as patrols were not seen anymore.

We will provide a separate page for local news and this will be updated as and when we receive the information.

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